Why tangling is perfect for me

I’ve been doodling all my life and I never gave it any thought. But recently I came across Zentangle® and I had an epiphany.
I always make little drawings during meetings, when I’m trying to solve a problem or when I’m stressed because it helps me to relax and focus.

Lately, I started freeing a little time every day to tangle or work on  ZIA’s (Zentangle® inspired art) and if feels great!

Why tangling is perfect for me?

  • It stimulates my creativity
  • It requires a lot of patience and precision
  • It is very repetative
  • It needs my full concentration so I can’t mull
  • If find it relaxing and it relieves stress
  • The result is beautiful

Tangling is probably not for everybody , but I recommend giving it a try. All you need is a pen and some paper…


What do you think?

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