DIVA Challenge #175 UMT – Crux by Henrike Bratz

This week’s challenge: use the tangle Crux by Henrike Bratz.
This tangle was new to me and I had a lot of fun trying it out. I love the many variations that are possible!

My finished drawing, however, is not really a zentangle…

A few months ago I made a series of polymer clay items, all in the shape of little elephants and when I took my paper and pens yesterday, all I could come up with was the elephant’s shape.


If you want to see more of my polymer clay work, check out my Pinterest board or visit my Facebook page.

So back to the tangle: I drew two circles and started from there. I created the elephants, filled them with a mono-tangle and then just stopped. I liked it just like that!

So not a true zentangle tile, but still pretty.

Thulo - Tangle by Asja



9 thoughts on “DIVA Challenge #175 UMT – Crux by Henrike Bratz

  1. Oh my goodness!! Those little elephants are adorable!!! I have bought polymer clay but yet have I dabbled in creating with it.(a little intimidated by it still) These a re just lovely, and look beautiful with Tangles on them!! Awesome !! :0) Share Humanity

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