DIVA Challenge #176 B.Y.O.B.

This week’s challenge is brought to us by Amy. She asked us to “Bring Your Own Beverage” to our tangling session and to utilize it in our art.
As she said: “You can dip, drip, drizzle, drop, dab, sponge, spray, splatter, splash, spill, stamp, stain, pour, wipe, blot, brush, blow, and more.”
So I made me a cup of my all time favorite drink, hot chocolate! (Yes, I even drink it now, in the middle of summer when it is over 30°C outside.)

At first I didn’t know wHot chocolate flowershat to do but then I saw my little flower shaped cookie cutters, placed them om the paper and dabbed hot chocolate inside them with a brush.

Because the chocolate had such a nice brown color I wanted to use gold for my tangles. Unfortunately the only gold pen I had was a broad Signo Uni-ball and as I discovered, it is not a good pen to tangle with.
But I continued and this is the result:

Tangle by Asja

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10 thoughts on “DIVA Challenge #176 B.Y.O.B.

  1. What an excellent idea, using a cookie cutter. I love the color of your hot chocolate!! What a beautiful tile!! And the gold looks amazing with it!! Beautiful work! :0) Share Humanity

  2. Painting with your beverage is a great idea and the gold pen looks fabulous. Your wouldn’t know by looking at it that it wasn’t a good pen to tangle with

  3. You did well with the gold pens. Most of these pens have a large nib than the microns and it is difficult to get a consistent line with them. You did well.

  4. You did fabulous work with a difficult pen. The color of the ink is awesome. I’m glad you used the Signo Pen for the color alone. Your chocolate stain is so nice. Love the texture of it, and the shape using the cookie cutter was a brilliant idea. Terrific Tile.

  5. this is so rich. I’m loving the gold ink, and I think the coarser nib actually adds to it, because it lays the color on so thick and lush. Almost an embossed feel. Beautiful

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