Diva challenge #179 Be like Bijou

This week our challenge is to try our hand at something small. You can find more details about the challenge, the new tiles and the incredible story of the little snail Bijou on the Diva’s blog.

I don’t have the new Bilou tiles (yet) but I do have this little square cookie cutter, which I use for my polymer clay tiles. The cutter is exactely 2″x2″!
So I used it to lightly trace a small square on my regular 5,5″x4″ cards.

My little cookie cutter
My little cookie cutter

Polymer clay tiles
Polymer clay tiles

Last week I came across two new patterns I definitely wanted to use, Jalousie and Keenees. And since the tiles where so small, I had the time to make two.
So here are my Twinchies:

 diva179-1  diva179-2

Thank you for visiting and have a great day!


13 thoughts on “Diva challenge #179 Be like Bijou

  1. I love the common patterns in the background of each tile. This ties them together as a delightful beautiful set. Great designs. Love your polymer clay. That is such a fun media.

  2. Wow who even knew these things existed? I was born before the pixel, just imagine. I would go go the apple store but I am
    A medical emergency and learning. My iPad.my left foot .= 3.5″ my right=3. Documenting Asa result of reading this blog which stimulated my reseRch brain neuron?
    Thanks stringthings and bloggers here

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