Diva challenge #184 – ING

This week the newest “official” was released by Zentangle HQ in their latest newsletter: ING. The challenge this week is simple: try the new tangle!

ING reference card, Ibex background

ING was new to me so I first created a reference card for it to go into my tangle-binder.

I create little cards, sometimes with steps, for each new tangle I learn and arrange them semi-alphabetical in a binder.tangle-binder
I use inexpensive white cards and photo sleeves, both easily available here in Belgium from Hema. The cards are the same size as a standard photo and fit perfectly!

Each sleeve can hold 12 cards, 6 on each side, 3 large ones and 3 small ones (which are exactly 1/3 of a full card).

Back to the challenge. For my first tile I wanted to showcase the power of the tangle itself. I think the black background really makes it stand out, surrounded by a Nipa frame.


I did a second one, combining three ING strands, filled with Shattuck and Quabog.


Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to check out the other entries on Diva’s blog!


10 thoughts on “Diva challenge #184 – ING

  1. Your first Tile is a delight. Love the purity of the ING pattern and your Nipa frame is a perfect choice. (Love the shading in your Pearls.) Your ING design in the second tile is terrific. Love the interplay of angles, and your small pearl boarders are beautiful. Love your Step Out organizational technique. A wonderful reference book to browse through over and over. Wonderful post.

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